September 30, 2013

One Year ~ Wow, Time Flies!

So as I'm sure you have noticed things have been quiet around these parts lately. It's definitely time to shoo away the crickets, roll up the sleeves and dust the cobwebs off this blog. I could list a bunch of excuses for the silence but mostly summer happened and my attention was drawn more to spending time outside, focusing on my sport and generally not thinking about updating you all on the house in word form.

That doesn't mean nothing has been getting done around the bungalow though. We finally have another free standing building on our property, YAY, and we have been spending loads of one on one time fighting the weeds in our garden and generally trying to make the yard look more presentable. I finally feel like we are winning the war with the weeds but the battle definitely isn't over yet.

With the changing of seasons, we also roll over into our second year of home ownership. D and I  celebrated our one year 'house-iversary' at the beginning of this month with a happy one year text and a high five. I felt it was only right to show the bungalow some respect by doing some general cleaning once we got home after work as well.

One year seems like the perfect time to do a little recap of the bungalow and to show what has changed (and what hasn't changed) over the past year. Our initial phase one goal of our bungalow reno was to make the home feel more like us as well as making it bright and cozy.

So without further ado, I present to you the main floor. Before photos from the day we were given the keys to progress photos of last weekend.



The kitchen definitely makes me happy now and was the first room we tackled. Actually we re-painted the cabinets before we officially moved in. That was after we spent a solid weekend scrubbing the grime off of everything. Instead of bothering with the fridge, we just threw it out and replaced it with a smaller version D already had at the old shop.

We painted the walls a soft grey, the light fixture black as well as the back door to the deck. I made curtains for the windows, under the sink and the storage closet. Painted the window and door surrounds white and re-sprayed the cabinet hardware. I also found some tile decals online to cover up the ugly randomly placed fruit tiles. We added moulding under the cabinets and cleaned up and spray painted the hood fan and vent.

We still need to fix the wall behind the fridge and missing moulding around the ceiling. But for now it's a great improvement.



The bathroom we have done, um......nothing. Other than added a few accessories that is. This is the first room on our total demo list. Very much looking forward to it. We have great plans but it being the only bathroom in the house is going to make it a little tricky.



Nothing much has changed in the bedroom. It's funny how priorities change after living in a house for a while. I remember when we viewed the bungalow I was very concerned about a small hole in one of the ceiling tiles. I thought it would haunt me and now I don't even notice it.  

We bought ourselves our first grown up bed last Christmas and ten months later the box spring is still in the plastic. Not something I'm proud of but that is life. This room has also fallen victim to having random accessories thrown in with no real purpose.  I made the wooden tree last year from scrap pieces of fencing and hung Xmas decorations from it over the holidays. It's one of my favorite decor pieces.

Please note that this is what the bedroom looked like LAST weekend. This past weekend it received a much needed make over. Or at least the beginning of a makeover. 



I actually don't mind the look of the dining room from before. Now though it is more cohesive to the rest of the bungalow. We painted the walls a mostly white grey, cleaned up the glass door to the kitchen and raised the curtain rod.

I have had plans to replace the ceiling fan for a while now but still nothing. I'm also hoping to make a custom wooden dining table one day as well. 



I haven't posted many, if any, photos of the front room until now because quite honestly I am ashamed of our couches. Don't get me wrong, no offence to the couches themselves. They are extremely comfy and they have served us well for years, and my daughter's grandparents years before that. The problem is I have been meaning to re-upholster them for a very long time now. I have set goals and then let them all pass me by. First it was before we moved, then it was before last Christmas, now I would love to get them done before this Christmas but I'm not putting a lot of weight on that.
If you have never been invited over to the bungalow, it is honestly because I haven't re-upholstered the couches yet. True Story!

Now that the truth is out back to what we have done so far. We continued the grey white paint throughout the front room and hallway. Hung the water ski shelves, raised the curtain rod and painted the front door mint. Nothing in this room is a permanent fixture but more of a place holder for other things floating around my mind.
Also I am proud (not) to note that the frames around the room are still filled with decor I used for my sister's wedding shower back in the spring. At least they add some bright colour to the room.


One of the favorite things D and I have done so far was stripping and re-staining the doors in the hallway. I can still remember the excitement of sanding off the layers of paint to discover the natural wood underneath. It was fun times and hopefully we will find some more treasures along the way.


The wooden stars are were also made from an old fence panel. I love that they are a good transition from holiday decor to regular decor. All season if you will, which works out great for those of us on the lazy side.

Up next, the yard, garage and the top floor. First I need to clean up the mess and pull some more weeds!

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