July 27, 2012

Fab Freebies ~ Macrame Owls!

What is better than free?....NOTHING that's what!! Especially when it's something you have been scouring the thrift stores in search of for quite some time. Actually I would have to say gifted items definitely trump free items.

Last weekend D and I stopped in at his parents house to pick up some camping gear for my upcoming mini family reunion. We scored some rad retro camping goodies, but more about those later.

Whilst we were in the garage inspecting the items we had come to pick up, I spotted this super adorable (perfect) macrame owl hanging from the ceiling. I actually think I may have let out a little quiet squeal of delight and then proceeded to say "oooh look at that macrame owl" to anyone that happened to be listening.

This one seems quite curious.

If I wasn't excited enough about the one owl, it turned out there was another almost identical owl behind the first! D's Dad took them down from their perch and said we could take them both home. Two for the price of umm...FREE! It also turns out they were made by D's Grandma which makes them even more special. The best type of vintage are items that have been kept in the family and come with a story.

This one is a little bit nosier ;)

I have already reserved some prime wall real estate at 9808 for these cuties. One in our bedroom and the other in the dining room.

In looking for a generic photo of a macrame owl on the internet, I came across this hilariously AWESOME website created by an organization dedicated to saving, rehabilitating and reviving the Macrame Owl. According to the Varieties page our two are Typicus Macramé Owls. According to the site these guys are down to earth, modest, hard working, altruistic and loyal.

Macramé Owl Welfare Rescue Operations Nurse (MOWRON) Greg teaches Apprentice MOWRON Ciaran the fine art of Macramé Owl handling in the wild.
Sadly, Macramé Owls are still being hunted for their jute.

Greg demonstrates macramé handling techniques for a quarantined Macramé Owl, while Horace looks on.

Fun Facts from the website:
Owl Symbolism in Feng Shui
Buddhists believe the owl to be an independent seeker of truth that is familiar with meditation. Ancient cultures believed the owl offered protection against evil spirits and ill health. Owl figures increase the Yang in the environment – the positive and masculine chi energies.

Why the Macramé Owl is an Ideal Feng Shui Cure 

Not only is owl symbolism incredibly powerful; the materials used to create a Macramé Owl are also feng shui friendly. Natural materials (such as hemp and driftwood) can be incorporated to add more positive and balancing feng shui elements. The hanging structure of the Macramé Owl allows it to sway in the breeze, causing chi energy to flow.

And last but not least I'll leave you with this touching poem......

Plight of the Macramé Owl
by Annie Zalezsak © 30 July 2009
O, macramé owl
sitting on a dowel
do you ever fear
that your time is near?
It must be so hard
when you they discard.
Please don’t throw away
my little owl macramé.

Check it out more fun owly features over at Macrameowl.com!

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