July 19, 2012

Stairway To Heaven

Well it's more like stairway to dormer window, but once we make it into a cosy reading nook complete with a window seat and comfy cushions, it will be the most heavenly place in the house. For me at least!

Disclaimer: These photos, actually all of the before shots, I know aren't of the greatest quality. I quickly ran around snapping photos with my cell phone during the home inspection whilst trying to stay out of the Inspector's way. I promise once we get ourselves in, all following photos will be taken with a proper camera! At least these give you a (dark and blurry) idea for now.

The staircase is what sold me on the house. It was love at first sight. I love the original wood steps and proof of the wear and tear they have seen over the years. I also like how they are open and directly in the center of the main floor. They act as a grand focal point with the main living space surrounding them.

The previous owners have used the landing at the top of stairs as a storage area, aka another place to pile stuff/junk as well as a place for the cats to sit and look out the window.

The landing even comes with a built in bookcase which makes me think it was destined to become a relaxing reading nook. Note: the construction of this bookcase reflects how everything else has been slapped together after the fact by previous home owners. A perfect example is the bedroom to the right that you can see a glimse of. D and I can't wait to tear out all of the wood paneling, stained styrofoam tiling and general flimsiness around the house.

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