August 17, 2012

To Ikea Or Not To Ikea

Folks either love Ikea and their products or vow to never step foot in an Ikea store claiming their products are cheaply made and mass produced.

I personally would rather spend my money on a found vintage piece of furniture over buying bigger items from Ikea but definitely feel Ikea is a great place to buy the small everyday items such as drinking glasses, candles, plants, bath accessories, cutlery, the list goes on. I am also drawn to Ikea's clean, simple, Scandinavian style.

I must admit I was pretty darn excited to come home from work the other day to find the new 2013 Ikea Catalogue on my doorstep.

I immediately made myself a cup of tea and set out to study the catalogue page by page. This year Ikea is focusing on the use of textiles and how small changes such as introducing a few new throw pillows or DIYing some new window coverings can add new life to rooms and old pieces of furniture you already own around the home. The main concept of the catalogue though is Ideas. I was impressed to read this excerpt in the first couple of pages......

"You don't have to buy a single thing to bring new life to a room. Start with what you have, then apply a fresh eye and a few spare minutes. Move a sofa to a new spot. Swap curtains. Borrow a rug from another room. It doesn't have to cost anything. It's about ideas."

Of course the catalogue is full of inspiring photos and product shots and consumers will still be snatching up these fair priced goodies, but it's nice to be given the option and to be encouraged to decorate your home with what you already have.

I would say this is Ikea's best year for textiles and fabrics by the metre. They have increased their textile lines, introduced new designers, and their cut fabrics are cheaper than ever before.

The 2013 textiles are made up of a mix of bright, bold, soft florals, nature inspired and classic black and white patterns that can appeal to wide range of design aesthetics.

Of course being the black and white lover that I am, my favorite textiles are the ones of this nature. Launched on June 1, 2012 the MYRLILJA line is a new limited addition textile line, only available while supplies last. The cushions below would add a playful contemporary touch to any room in the house.


Some other favorite fabrics from this year......

SARALISA $7.99/metre


TRÅDKLÖVER $5.99/metre




CECILIA $2.99/metre

The 2013 Ikea catalogue will definitely join my stack of catalogues on the bookshelf from years gone by after it has spent some more time on my bedside table mind you.

I found an easy DIY project over at Poppytalk using the new GURINE fabric to make fun leaf pillows. Simply cut out the different leaf shapes, sew together and stuff. These would be super cute in a child's room, add some whimsy to your patio chairs, or bring the nature indoors up at the cabin.  Ikea has also introduced fabric designed to be coloured in using fabric paint. This would be a great DIY project to do with the kids, helping them make their own personalized pillows for their beds.

Another discovery I have recently stumbled upon is Ikea's Swedish blog Livet Hemma, Life at Home. The blog is full of inspirational pics, ideas, DIY projects and recipes. The blog is in Swedish but can be switched to English by using the Google Translate button at the top of the page.

Check it out!      

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