August 3, 2012

Window Shopping ~ Craigslist

So I thought I would let you in on a couple guilty pleasures of mine. My love for thrift stores and Craigslist.

I was wandering around one of my favorite thrift stores after work last night and started thinking to myself...."man I'm glad I have a tiny ounce of self control because I could end up spending a small fortune at these places if I allowed myself to".

Because of this I have come up with a second hand shopping system. I start by slowly scanning my favorite sections and taking inventory of what I would love to take home but I leave everything where it is on the shelf (sometimes hiding the really good finds behind larger objects just in case). Then I retrace my steps and ask myself a few questions.

  1. Do I really NEED it?
  2. Do I have a specific spot in the new house for it?
  3. Is it a one of a kind item that I probably will never see again?
  4. Do we have room to store it before we move?
I usually end up finding anywhere between 2-6 things that I would love to have but only end up purchasing 1 or 2, sometimes leaving the store empty handed.

I have also set a price limit for myself.
  1. Ceramics and small household items, nothing over $5.
  2. Larger household items, nothing over $10 (unless it's really special).
  3. Furniture, nothing over $20.
These guidelines keep me from taking home everything in sight! I must admit I'm slightly addicted to shopping at thrift stores. I'm also slightly addicted to scanning Craigslist whenever I have a few minutes here and there. 

I have scored some awesome finds from Craigslist in the past. The free kind and the super good deal kind. I will share those items once we move into the house.

I also end up finding things that I would love to have but the sensible part of my brain tells me to just let them be. Usually because we don't have room for them or they aren't really worth the effort or gas money to drive out and pick up.

So to share the love and found goodies with others, I have decided to start a Window Shopping section. Here I will post Craigslist and thrift store items that I come across and love, probably won't jump on for whatever reason, but maybe someone else out there will!

Round Rattan Coffee Table - $20 (Downtown)

This rattan coffee table doesn't come with the glass. Even so, a piece of something could be cut and attached to the top as a base, turn it upside down and now it can be used as a laundry hamper or other type container. It could also be cut in two and the bottom half turned into a drum lamp shade. Basket lamp shades are hot right now.

Vintage Desk - $20 (Fir and 12th)

 I'm actually pondering picking this desk up. I have been thinking of putting a small desk in our guest room under the window at the new house. This would look super cute paired with a bright turquoise chair. I also have a love affair with black furniture (as you will soon find out).

Mid-century modern home stuff, credenza and more - $5 (East Van)

The glass orb on the right hand side of the photo is the only $5 item. Everything else is under $30 (except antlers are $50). I could find a home for all of these goodies, especially the little yellow bubble desk lamp. That lamp has been haunting my dreams the past couple of nights. It is listed for $20 and would be perfect in our bedroom on one of our nightstands. Not sure if I can bring myself to drive across the bridge for it though......

Vintage dresser - $40 (West End)

I love this dresser but unfortunately I don't have a specific spot for it in mind or a place to store it at the moment. BOO!

 I'm sure as my thrifting obsession progresses there will be many more of these Window Shopping posts. Stay Tuned!!

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