August 10, 2012

Window Shopping ~ Craigslist Part 2

The theme of this Window Shopping installment are items that are priced higher than I am willing to pay, that I believe are slightly over priced, or maybe I'm just a true cheap skate.


1930's Boy's book - $25 (White Rock)

I am a sucker for vintage books. Especially children's books. The posting includes photos of some really great  illustrations. $25 seems a bit pricey but if I found this at a thrift store that I was already at, for slightly cheaper, I would definitely give it some serious consideration. (Yes sometimes I'm pretty lazy as well). At the very least I would take the time to leaf through and soak in the vintage stories.



Antique wood bed frame - $70 (Cloverdale)

This antique bed frame has been listed for quite a while and I have been admiring it from afar. I'm quite surprised it hasn't been snatched up by now. I think it's absolutely  gorgeous and would be a great addition to our spare bedroom. It's a single, so only one guest would be able to visit at a time (obviously a double would be ideal) but design over function right? ;) The owners have just dropped the price from $100 to $70. I still don't know if I can fork out that much right now though. I think I would be comfortable with $50.....


Antique Cabinet/Shelves - $60 (Marpole)

This piece would look spectacular in a rustic country kitchen, dining room or just about any room in the house really. It looks great in white but could be painted any colour to match your decor. It is perfect to use as a collection cabinet or as a book shelf.  It looks like quite a large piece so definitely worth $60 (just not to cheapskate over here). I also love that this piece plus the bed above come with a story.

Bamboo bench - $45 (East Vancouver)

This bench is a combination of a few of my favorite has a rustic feel, it's rattan/bamboo and it's black. It would look fabulous at the end of our bed as a catchall for magazines, books or clothing at the end of the night. Unfortunately I'm not willing to pay the asking price right now.

Vintage coal bucket - $20 (Vancouver)

This vintage coal bucket is super cool. It is an excellent way to add a pop of colour to any home decor. It could be used as a toilet roll/extra towel container in the bathroom, a place to store books/magazines in the bedroom, or a wood container next to the fireplace. I would jump on it if it were perhaps listed for $10, maybe even $15....

Box of vintage maps - $20 (Vancouver)

I have always wanted to find a really awesome vintage map to hang in a frame. Excerpt from the posting...."Not sure what the hell is in there but some look kinda cool and go back to the thirties and forties. Kind of an as is deal as I don't have time to go through them all"....Would you pay $20 for a box of maps at the chance of finding the perfect vintage one??.....

Of course almost everything on Craigslist is listed OBO or is negotiable. We will have to wait and see if anything pushs me to take the leap while it's still up for grabs!

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