August 30, 2012

Party Time ~ Puppy Dogs & Tonka Trucks

My sister's finance's son, Trai, turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and she asked me if I was able to put together some themed decorations for the birthday party. The catch was that the party would be taking place in Prince George and I wouldn't be attending. So instead, I staged some of the party decor in my spare bedroom and took some photos to send up with the party goodies. That way Jen would have an idea of how to set things up on the day of the party in PG.

Can you guess what the theme for this 2 year old party was? You got it.....Puppy Dogs and Tonka Trucks!! An odd combo but super cute. I went more with the puppy dog theme but added the yellow accent colour to represent the tonka trucks.

I have to admit I have been pretty grumpy this week. Posession day on the bungalow seems to be dragging on at a slug's pace. We just want to get this show on the road already! Good news is we only have 5 more days to wait! And I only have 1 more day of work before I will be on a week long "work-cation".

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