July 3, 2012

I Now Pronounce You Man, Women and House!

We did it! D and I finally bought our very own fixer upper! And boy is it ever a fixer upper....

Our new to us, little dream pad is a 1945 (or so we have been told....this may change once I have had a chance to visit the local archives) 1 1/2 story bungalow with a full unfinished basement that needs a ton of tender loving care. We are raring to jump feet first into this 2300 sq. /ft. renolicious beauty!

Below are a few photos from the MLS listing. The photographer was able to catch the house in some pretty good light and of course only took photos of the rooms that weren't piled with junk.

We don't get possession for another 2 months, so in the meantime we are using the time to devise our plan of attack and visualize the finished product. First items on the list are building a garage and updating the wiring throughout the house which we hope to complete in the 1 month overlap period whilst we are still in our rental.

In the time between getting the house inspected and lifting our subjects, the current owners completed some of the work that needed to be done. The sill plate along the front of the house was rotting away, so they hired a contractor to replace all of the rotten wood and install new cedar siding to match the original siding around the rest of the house. In doing this work all of the bushes and shrubs were taken out from along the front. To be honest it makes the front of the property look a lot neater and not so overgrown. That being said, the lawn is now screaming to be mowed!

If you look closely at the dormer window in the second photo above, you might be able to tell that the flashing had been installed incorrectly when the current owners had the roof replaced about 7 years ago. The flashing was placed over top of the stucco siding and not underneath, as it is meant to be. To our pleasant surprise the owners had this rectified for us as well, along with re-chalking the basement windows.

So for now, we are playing the waiting game, but once we get the keys we will post a lot more before photos for your viewing pleasure! But be sure to check back as there will be more posts regarding house related topics, the joys of packing and other life goodies to keep you entertained until the big day arrives!

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