September 12, 2012

House Tour ~ Before Part 2

I will warn you that the photos of the top and bottom floors are quite boring but they are necessary for the sake of documentation.  These floors are examples of a DIY disaster.





To give you an idea of what you are looking at the basement is made up of 7 thrown together rooms (8 if you count the makeshift kitchen area). The previous owner seemed to have a method of finding a scrap piece of wood or building material and haphazardly screwing it up here or there. Not one single square inch of downstairs has been finished properly. The same rings true on the top floor. More on this phenomenon later.

The basement is definitely our diamond in the rough (with rough capitalized in bold and underlined a few times)! I envision a beautiful 1 bedroom basement suite in our future though. First I need to track down Scott McGillivray from Income Property and HGTV Canada ;)

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