October 9, 2012


I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Our weekend was jam packed with awesomeness and so much to be thankful for. Including:
  • Three Thanksgiving dinners
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Enjoying this amazing October weather out in the garden
  • Having Minter Gardens Center two blocks away
  • Digging holes (I'll explain later)
  • Walking down by the river in Hope with the evening sun shining on the mountains
  • Having the time to tackle a few more small projects around the house

We've been in our bungalow for a month now and I have been putting off writing about the move. I was initially waiting until the end of September when we had officially moved out of our old townhouse and shop with intention to summarize my thoughts and feelings regarding this moving experience as a whole, but decided not to bore you with the emotional details. Almost everyone has been through a move and knows how it feels right? ;)

In short the month of September was filled with stress, excitement, exhaustion, long nights, anticipation and a few tears. After taking the first week of October to decompress, relax and really enjoy not having to stop at either of the two old places on the way home from work to pick up more junk or clean, I feel much better about the situation and relieved that it is finally in our past. Instead here are a few photos of moving day.

The photos below were taken by D's mum :) 

Before moving into our bungalow we spent an entire day just cleaning and fixing a few things in the kitchen.

We were extremely grateful to have my parents, D's parents, our friends Jon, Ben and Linc, D's sister Cindy, Willow and her bf Dustin help us move. We couldn't have done it without them. The amount of help we received was truly a gift. The day went incredibly smooth and our family members went above and beyond just carrying boxes into the house. My Mum provided lunch for everyone and after the truck was unpacked all family members went to work either cleaning, arranging or tackling the weeds in the front yard.


This photo will be a great reminder of what our driveway looked like before the garage was built (which should be happening very soon)! Permit application is in and our concrete friends are coming to do a pre assessment tonight.

Also do you remember me mentioning the new fence panels the neighbours bought here? They ended up at the end of our driveway. Unfortunately they were installed before we had our survey done so they are a little ways over onto our property which isn't really a big deal. Even so, the neighbours have insisted on moving them into the correct spot once the garage starts to go up.

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